Review and Specifications Abu Garcia Veritas Section 2 Vrc 692-6


Review and Specifications Abu Garcia Veritas Section 2 Vrc 692-6

A few days ago I had the chance of trying the new Rod Abu Garcia belongs to a friend. Too bad I don't have the opportunity to make it an video. But I will convey the impression the feedback I feel.

Veritas is a fishing rod for mid range market. Although the price is not verycheap, but for the angler who has a sufficient fund of $70 price range up to $90 will not be a problem.

That would probably be a consideration of many people is a type of fishing rod, with similar design and materials sell for lower prices. For example Daido Gorilla, etc. For novice anglers that are sensitive to the price, maybe they prefer fishing rod which is more affordable.

Materials and Specifications
Without a doubt, I know with certainty that this fishing rod made from carbon. However to ensure further, I tried to find information on the internet about the complete specification. and so far, this is what i found:

Material: Carbon
Section: 2 sections
Rod Length: 6.9 "/2.08 M
Rod Weight: 146g
Lure Weight: 1/4-1 OZ/7-28 g
Line: 7-18Lb
Power: Medium Heavy Action

If you notice, the design of the abu garcia veritas is similar to similar to the Kenzi Brenio and Torzite. It's just that the bottom section there Neck in Veritas was made more compact and short. Yes, more comfortable to use for casting, than a very long Brenio.

Veritas also uses its own proprietary Guide made from titanium alloy. This material is believed to have lighter and stronger than steel. According to its official website, the use of carbon in a Veritas workmanship apply the spiral construction. Whatever that is, that certainly claimed more convincing in terms of strength.

When you try this fishing rod. The first direct look at the thought of this fishing rod is definitely targeted to the fast tapper angler. and thats true. This fishing rod is longer and more rigid than the torzite. Very convenient for throwing the bait.

Unfortunately I was not able get a strike from fish big fish today. Only a few small fish tried to grab, and thats why I cannot measure the maximum performance of Abu Garcia Veritas. But one thing is for sure, this fishing rod really Awesome for it price. 

Design, the advantages, and disadvantages
Veritas is a mid range of fishing rod abu garcia (AG). The sleek design of the typical japstyle with standard accents, making this rod is simple yet elegant.

The advantages of these light fishing rod because made of carbon, and response actionnya very snugly. In my opinion it is more comfortable than the brenio, although brenio is more comfortable when used for light jigging.
A guide made of titanium add a classy impression on this fishing rod. Stronger, lighter, and rust resistant.

I don't want to mention Veritas has a shortcoming, it's just that there are some things that are less suitable for me. First, I do not like fishing pole Bait Casting length exceeds 1, 8 m. Not a big problem, because I am just troubled by the process movedmoved that take place in the bag.

Other things that are less fit for me is the price. Hmm, I still have several options for the cheaper rod, but with slightly better performance according to my usage.

But just like what i said before, this is not a deficiency. its about passion.

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