Shimano Twin Power SW Review


Shimano Twin Power SW Review

Shimano Twin Power SW is a improvements than its previous model. Launched with wide range of size, shimano sure can suits any need. small snappers to big tunas, you can handle them with confidence.

With the Twin Power SW as with many of the newest reels by Shimano, the company has gone back to its ancestral roots in a way, delving into the Japanese tradition of swordsmithing. Specifically the forging process used in Tamahagane, or pure steel, is a time-honored method for crafting the Samurai sword; Shimano’s exclusive new Hagane design is based on some of those very same, traditional forging techniques exclusive to the Japanese region of Sakai where Shimano is based.
High end reel design is thus complemented by a Hagane cold forging process that essentially presses the perfect gear right out of the mold every time; these are precision-cut gears that come out of the forging process without need for trimming or cutting of teeth to fit into place. The gears are bigger, stronger, and essentially forged to be flawless.

Shimano Hagane Gear design in the all new Twin Power SW is stronger than ever, and smoother through the life of the reel, all by design; strength and precision, time-tested through Tamahagane custom forged with 21st Century technology. Hagane is exclusive, much the same as one might use organic – the same traditional process for cold-forging must be met for the name to be used, and Shimano is keeping true to this regional custom of high-end metal works.
Shimano’s designers also looked at ways of improving efficiency, redesigning the worm shaft location, which in turn adjusted the shape of the rotor to provide a better, more neutral balance of the reel. The X-SHIP design is all about a stronger transmission to eliminate twist, and the newly designed body provides better cranking power and rigidity, with better comfort and balance in your hands.
The shape and thickness of the rotor creates high rigidity that results in more fish fighting power, while its increased mass generates more inertia resulting in easier fishing of heavy tuna jigs and high resistance big game swimmers and poppers. Plus, Shimano’s unique X Tough Drag system has been designed to apply pressure from above and below the drag washers to distribute pressure across a larger surface area. This results in a stable, tough and most durable drag system Shimano has ever offered in Twin Power SW.
Twin Power SW features that Shimano fans can expect in these new offshore weapons include the Power Roller line twist reduction and Propulsion Line Management System for increased casting distance; there’s also the two-speed oscillation system (AeroWrap) that moves the spool upward quickly, and back downward at a slower pace, which allows line to collect on the spool in a crisscross pattern to help reduce friction for smoother casting.
For jigging applications at the edge this season Shimano’s 10000SWBPG model gets you 55 pounds of drag on a spool capable of holding 290 yards of 65-pound PowerPro; a lower speed version ideal for dropping a Butterfly down where tuna are on the feed, the 10000 version of the Shimano Twin Power SW provides a 4.9:1 gear ratio with 40 inches on every crank.


SeriesTwin Powers
Family TypeSaltwater Spinning
Models Offered5
Key FeatureX-Ship
Ball Bearings11+1
Maximum Drag (lb)24-62 (lb)
Retrieve Per Crank Range (in)37-53 (in)

Product CodeLine Retrieve Per Crank (in)Gear RatioMono Line Capacity (#Test/yd)PowerPro Line Capacity (# Test/yd)Max Drag (lb)Ball BearingsWeight (oz)
TP4000SWBXG376.2:18/240, 10/200, 12/16015/230, 20/205, 50/1202411+112.5
TP5000SWBXG416.2:110/240, 12/195, 14/16520/245, 30/225, 40/1752911+114.8
TP8000SWBPG374.9:112/345, 16/250, 20/18540/340, 50/265/ 65/2156210+122.4
TP10000SWBPG404.9:112/500, 16/320, 20/22050/360, 65/290, 80/2155510+122.9
TP14000SWBXG536.2:112/555, 16/360, 20/26050/400, 65/315, 80/2405510+122.9

If you’re planning on casting Shimano Pop OCRA plugs at some of those giants busting on baits, you’d be better armed with the higher speed 14000SWBXG model with a gear ratio of 6.2:1 for more take up on the spool for every crank of the oversized handle, with the same 55 pounds of drag and a spool that can hold over 300 yards of 65-pound braid, or 240 yards of 80-pound. Each retails for about $620.

Check with your local Shimano dealer now to find the newest Hagane models – shipments of the Shimano Twin Power SW began the week of the big international tackle show in Orlando, FL in mid-July, and demand should get pretty hot this month given the recent ‘run and gun’ battles already underway in the deep this season.

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